A better way to look at the inside of your nose and throat.

What is it?

Rhinolaryngoscopy is an office procedure that your allergist may use to better visualize the inside of your nose and throat. In this procedure, topical decongestant and local anesthesia is applied to the nose in the form of a nasal spray so that the procedure is less uncomfortable, but the patient is “wide awake”, and not sedated. The doctor will use a fiberoptic scope and be able to see the inner lining of your nose including the openings of your sinuses and to look for structural abnormalities such as nasal polyps and septal defects. The doctor may also decide to look further down into your throat and voicebox to evaluate the appearance and motion of your vocal cords and surrounding tissues.

Why would I need this procedure?

Common indications for this procedure include:

  • persistent rhinitis symptoms (congestion, drainage, etc.)
  • hoarseness or changes in vocal quality
  • cough
  • nose bleeds

Other Instructions:

The entire procedure usually lasts less than 30 minutes, and you should be able to drive home on your own. You do not need to fast prior to the procedure.