Comfortable atmosphere and Family friendly!

I am not fond of needles, so it took being miserable and medicated all the time, to finally push me into seeking help for my allergies and asthma. My primary care doctor recommended I go upstairs one floor and set up an appointment with Dr. Cole for allergy testing and asthma evaluation. I was immediately put at ease by the genuine warm, caring attention I received from Dr. Cole and Nurse Parm on my first day. I was presented with several options and was never pressured into pursuing one treatment over another. I chose the fast track immunizations. Honestly, it felt more like being at a spa than a doctor's office! When the office closed for lunch, I was invited to stay. Dr. Cole and his "family" made me feel right at home while sharing their lunch and company with me. Although all precautions are taken in the immunization process, I have NEVER HAD AN ADVERSE REACTION! Dr. Cole and his amazing team have given me the gift of good health while freeing me from the burdens of medication and suffering. Through virtually painless immunizations, (YES, SOMETIMES I DON'T EVEN FEEL IT!) my body is given the "stuff" it needs to keep me HEALTHY NATURALLY! (now that's priceless!)

by ric2fly at Citysearch


by ric2fly at Citysearch